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#1 Marcona Almonds - Fried and Salted

The queen of all almonds.  You've never tasted almonds like this before.  We promise!

#10 LC Fried Green Pepper with Heura Plant-Based "Non-Chicken" Pincho - 2 pieces

This vegan favourite is flavour packed with fried green peppers on bread, topped with a portion of plant based "chicken" alternative and finished with some Arbequina Caviaroli Extra Virgin Olive Oil...

#11 Garroxta Goat Cheese Pincho - 2 pieces

This delicately smooth goat cheese tops our bread drizzled with Spanish olive oil, Arbequina Caviaroli pearls,  sprinkled with thyme and topped with a Amanida queen green olive.

#12 Pincho de Tortilla ( Spanish Omlet) -2 pieces

This traditional favourite consists of a wedge of our Spanish omelet with flavor of onion, but no onion texture, arranged on pincho bread rubbed with fresh tomato, topped with a sweet,...

#13 LC Piquillo Sweet Peppers Stuffed with Cantabric Tuna- 2 pieces

Fire-roasted sweet piquillo peppers filled with a creamy bechamel sauce with chopped egg and white tuna loin stuffing. These peppers are sure to satisfy!

#14 Croquetas de Jamon "Joselito" - 2 pieces

Croquetas are a staple on our tapas menu! Small, lightly breaded and fried bechamel fritters with shreds of delicious Joselito ham in the creamy filling!

#15 Croquetas de Chorizo Iberico - 2 pieces

Croquetas are a staple on our tapas menu! Small, lightly breaded, and fried bechamel bites with shreds of delicious, mildly spiced Chorizo.

#16 Patatas Bravas

Potatoes wedges dressed in our spicy Bravas sauce! The traditional Spanish patatas is with spicy Bravas sauce but you can dress them your way by choosing from our toppings of our...

#17 Tapa de Tortilla de Patatas (Spanish Omelet) with Tomato Bread

Our signature Spanish potato-filled omelet is accompanied beautifully with our lightly toasted tomato bread! Omelet has flavors of onion but no onion texture. It is topped with a sweet fire roasted...

#18 LC White Asparagus with Mayonnaise - 3 pieces

“Espárrago de Navarra” are specially grown white asparagus with a delicious soft texture and a delicate taste. We serve ours drizzled with mayonnaise.

#19 Joselito Acorn - Fed Shoulder Ham Sandwich

Baguette bread rubbed with fresh tomato, organic extra virgin olive oil and Joselito 30 months dry-aged, acorn-fed, Iberian Shoulder-ham.

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#2 San Nicasio P.D.O. Artisanal potato chips

Artisanal potato chips hand made in small batches with Spanish potatoes, tossed in extra virgin olive oil and Himalayan pink salt. Satisfyingly crunchy!